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Marshall Minotto Network has many years of experience working with International buyers and sellers both from Eastern and Western Europe, China, Russia, Canada and South America.

The low cost of Florida real estate creates tremendous opportunities for foreign real estate investment. You can take advantage of these for capital gain, income or for personal use.

The most important first step an international buyer can make is to set up an account in the country they are looking to purchase real estate in, and transfer their countries currency into the country they are looking to make the purchase. Insuring funds are ready. 

The Foreign Buyer/Investor should start Pre-Planning before purchasing any property within the United States. By Pre-Planning this will hopefully eliminate any future consequences that none of us want to encounter.

How you structure your purchase will be dependent on if you are a Resident Alien or a Non-Resident Alien?

We can refer the Foreign Buyer/Investor to:

A) Foreign Investment Attorney

B) Tax Specialist

C) U.S. Immigrant Visa Attorney

D) Currency Exchange Company

These entities can work with your advisor’s so any purchases made in the 

United States are structured properly.

I do not live in the United States. How do I invest?

It depends on what type of property you are looking to purchase. Lots of homes and condos come on the market and are gone in days. There is not enough time for you to get on a plane fly to Florida, inspect the property and then think about it for a few weeks. I wish it was different, but it is not.

However, investment property is not a personal decision. You should not care about the color of the bathroom, the arrangement of the rooms, etc. You are evaluating a completely different set of factors and using an agent to view properties and gather information is acceptable.

We have sold many properties to individuals that never saw the properties. Many of them bought, rented out and then sold the properties without ever visiting them.

If the property is for personal use, it is a completely different story. Still, we will create videos that can be viewed online and  get a better feel for what you are looking for.

Naturally, we welcome you to visit and view properties first hand.



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